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Joshua A. Miele, Ph.D

Picture of Josh Miele

Dr. Miele is the founder and director of the VDRDC. He is also the Associate Director at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute.  At SKI his work focuses on the research and development of innovative approaches to information accessibility for blind and visually-impaired consumers.

Areas of active research involve the integration of inexpensive software adaptations, existing mainstream technologies, mobile platforms, and the Internet. Current projects include the development of a web-based tool for the automated production of tactile street maps (TMAP); investigation of the use of an off-the-shelf smartpen as a platform for next-generation audio/tactile graphics; a psychophysical investigation of haptically-integrated sonification techniques; and the development of a virtual, wireless Braille keyboard (the WearaBraille) for use with smartphones and mobile platforms.

E-mail: jam@ski.org
Phone: (415) 345-2113
Miele Lab website: mielelab.org
Smith-Kettlewell: www.ski.org/Rehab/JAMiele
Blog: http://JAMonAT.blogspot.com