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Ender Tekin, Ph.D

Picture of Ender Tekin

Ender Tekin received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and is currently a Research Associate at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. He has a background in digital signal processing, communication systems, information theory and computer vision. Ender also has extensive experience in embedded programming on mobile devices using Symbian and Android operating systems.

Ender is currently involved in the AAD project at the VDRDC under Dr. Miele, as well as the NIH funded "A Non-Document Text and Display Reader for Visually Impaired Persons" project under Dr. James Coughlan, where he has developed free software for finding and reading barcodes to identify consumer products, as well as reading 7-segment LED/LCD displays using mobile phones.

Email:  ender@ski.org
Phone:  (415) 345-2077
For more information about Ender's work, visit:  http://www.ski.org/Rehab/Coughlan_lab/index.html