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Forging a "Copyright of Way" for the Next Generation of Video Description

posted Mar 14, 2014, 5:40 PM by Jennifer Justice
Do you have questions about video description and copyright law? Mark Richert, Director of Public Policy at the American Foundation for the Blind, analyzes the current legal landscape in An Appropriate "Copyright of Way" for People with Disabilities: How Would You Describe It?

If you’re anything like me the words “copyright law” evoke a sense of vague dread. Know you are not alone! Richert notes that “…the enjoyment of described video content is … made more complicated by copyright law“ due in part to its lengthy legal history and complexity.

Richert asks, “…[H]ow can we improve America's copyright law so that it rewards the efforts of [copyright] owners to ensure accessibility from the start? And how can we support the efforts of third parties (such as educators, family, friends, and other blindness/ VI professionals) that take up the work of accessibility when owners do not?”

Learn more about possible prescriptions to improve existing laws at afb.org.