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Bridge Multimedia is a New York City-based content services company dedicated to supporting all facets of universally accessible media for entertainment, educational, commercial, and government applications.

Accessible media uses state-of-the-art digital technology to provide greater accessibility to a variety of electronic media and multimedia entertainment. Bridge Multimedia is at the forefront of producing today's universally accessible media, and is setting the pace for the development of tomorrow's innovations.


For many years educators and advocates have discussed how description might provide accessibility for people with disabilities other than blindness. It has been hypothesized that the tools and techniques employed to make video accessible for the blind may hold potential to provide support for learners with ADHD, autism, and certain types of cognitive disabilities. As yet, very little scientific research has been conducted to investigate this potential, but with the development of this research agenda, this could soon change.

Bridge’s work on the Expanded Populations Research Agenda for Description (EPRAD) will identify the concrete research questions necessary to quantitatively assess the value of description for these expanded populations. EPRAD also dovetails with the Visual-Impairment Research Agenda for Description(VIRAD) being developed by NCAM in collaboration with the Video Description Research and Development Center and the Description Leadership Network.


Matt Kaplowitz: