Agenda for the DLN First Annual Meeting 2012

The Description Leadership Network

First Annual Meeting Agenda

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The Smith-Kettlewell

Video Description Research and Development Center

San Francisco, California

March 22-23, 2012


Thursday, March 22

Thursday Theme: Tools and Technologies


Thursday Morning

Theme: Innovative tools for describing modern media

9:15 Continental Breakfast at Smith-Kettlewell

9:30 Welcome, and introductions:   Josh Miele, Jim Stovall, John Brabyn.

10:15 The Descriptive Video Exchange (DVX) — Design and development of a cloud-based description repository for authoring and distribution of video annotations. Josh Miele, Keith Williams.

11:00 Break

11:15 Automated Algorithmic Description (AAD) — Using computer vision techniques to extract visual information for descriptive purposes. Ender Tekin, Owen Edwards.

Noon lunch


Thursday Afternoon

Theme: Description on the go — using mobile technologies to deliver description where and when it is needed

1:00 Demo and Discussion – DTV Radio – a new audio-only digital TV receiver with full access to description. Richard Oehm.

1:30 Choreographed and Orchestrated Video Annotation (COVA) — Using second-screen technologies to expand description options in the classroom, living room, theater, and work place. Owen Edwards, Josh Miele.

2:15 Break

2:30 Panel discussion: Mobile Technologies, Social Networks, and the Future of Description

·         Peer production, crowd-sourcing, and amateur description. Deborah Fels, Carmen Branje, Joshua Miele. 

·         Real-Time Description — using cellular and VOIP communication for real-time description of live and streamed events. Owen Edwards, Maria Diaz, Teri Grossman.

·         Motivating the Crowd – social media and gamification of description. Katie Vizenor, Megan Lawrence.

3:15 Break

3:30 YouDescribe: annotating YouTube videos using the DVX platform – Development of an Android app. Steven Jacobs

4:00 HTML5 and description – Description via Web Apps:  What video description functionality is Available in HTML5 and what else might we need? John Foliot

5:00 Adjourn

5:30 Bus departs from Smith-Kettlewell for DLN Networking Reception

6:00 DLN Networking Reception and Dinner -- The San Francisco Park Chalet


Friday, March 23

Theme: People, practice, and planning


Friday Morning

Theme: Who are the Describers and what are they describing?

9:15 Continental Breakfast at Smith-Kettlewell

9:30 Welcome back!  Jim Stovall, Joshua Miele.

9:45 VDRDC Webinar Series with DCMP – Connecting educators and parents to tools and techniques for taking description into their own hands. Jason Stark.

10:15 Professional Development Workshop VDRDC/NFB – building a blind description workforce:  A five-day training for qualified blind applicants in the essential skills and techniques of professional description. Mark Riccobono, Rick Boggs.

10:45 Break

11:00 Panel discussion: Multi-media, museums, and meeting multiple needs – How must description technologies and techniques evolve to support designers of real and virtual educational exhibits, and provide access for those with a variety of informational needs? Rebecca McGinnis, Maria Diaz, Katie Vizenor, Annette Rose, and others.

Noon Lunch


Friday Afternoon

Theme: Making plans

1:00 Break-out sessions – Attendees will be assigned to one of the following small-group meetings:

·         VDRDC Community Advisory Group (Rm. 204)

·         Planning for summer Conference focus groups (Rm. 419)

·         Planning for PDW outcomes and internships (Rm. 222)

2:00 Break – All attendees regroup in Main Conference Room (Rm. 204)

2:15 Brief reports on break-out sessions

2:30 Roundtable Discussion – Networking and Communications

·         Description and Social Media – followers, hash tags, friends, fans, and mailing lists.

·         Global Connections – Important description developments outside the U.S.

·         Growing the DLN – Reaching out to more description stakeholders

·         Next Year – selecting a date for the next DLN meeting

3:15 Meta Meeting – Meeting evaluation.

3:30 Meeting adjourns