The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF)


The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) is dedicated to supporting democratic media by creating open and decentralized video tools and services. This progressive organization works to eliminate gatekeepers and empower diverse communities by developing and supporting open-source video tools for a better world. PCF is the creator of AMARA, a toolset and community for the collaborative crowdsourcing of captions and subtitles for almost any web-based video.


The Participatory Culture Foundation is collaborating with the VDRDC and DLN partners to evaluate a variety of possible options for managing the quality of crowd-sourced descriptive content. Crowdsourcing offers exciting opportunities for enhancing the accessibility of online digital video. However, to realize the full potential of collaborative description, it is essential also to identify promising approaches for collaborative review and quality control of descriptive content. The PCF is working with the VDRDC to enumerate and assess the most promising methodologies for managing the quality of crowdsourced description. Their findings will be presented at the 2013 meeting of the Description Leadership Network in San Francisco.


Nicholas Reville, Executive Director, Participatory Culture Foundation: