Additional Resources


Description Tutorial Videos
        Brief Dos and Don'ts on creating your own video descriptions. Produced by Dicapta for the VDRDC.
VDRDC YouTube Channel
        Videos about the VDRDC, guidelines and tips on creating your own video descriptions, and more.

Video Description Software

        Free web-based tool that allows anyone to record descriptions of YouTube videos and/or play previously described YouTube videos.                Developed by the VDRDC.
CapScribe Open
Free Mac-based video editor for captioning and description developed by Inclusive Media and Design.
Media Access Generator is the original free caption and audio-description authoring tool for making multimedia accessible to persons with sensory disabilities, developed by NCAM, the National Center for Accessible Media.
Video description software designed, prototyped and developed at The Center for Learning Technology by developer Carmen Branje.

Video Description Services Lists

The ACB Audio Description Project's Services List
List of individual, organization, and corporate services in the USA that are involved with video description.

DCMP Video Description Services List
Listing and contact information for video description vendors inside and outside the United States.

Video Description Vendors - for a more comprehensive list, please visit the ACB or DCMP links above.

Audio Description Associates
Video description of television/film, museum exhibitions, theater and a variety of events.
Audio Eyes
        Video description and captioning for virtually any media format in multiple languages.
Video description and captioning for television, webcast, and DVD.
Video description and captioning in English and Spanish.
Inclusive Media and Design
Video description and captioning for web-based videos.
Media Access Group at WGBH
Video description for the web, DVD, live programs, digital tv, and feature films.
The Washington Ear
Video description for films, videos, Imax films, museums, and live theater.

Video Description Standards and Guidelines

The ACB Audio Description Project Guidelines
The Audio Description Coalition Standards
The Description Key by DCMP
The Independent Television Commission Guidance on Standards
The Kennedy Center's Audio Description Guide for Performing Arts Settings
The Media Access Group at WGBH Strategies and Techniques